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February 25, 2006



Hey - almost the same thing happened to me. I was extra annoyed because I tried to get tix online in advance, but repeatedly couldn't get through. I'd have loved to see the craziness first hand, but they definitely needed a bigger venue.

Damnit. I love comics. I was looking forward to hanging out with other people who think superman and spiderman are VERY important.

Evan Dorkin

Saw a link to your post on Spurgeon's COmics Reporter. Sorry you weren't able to get in. Come to the MOCCA show in April, I think it's $5, if you want to see some of the indy folks, and if you're goofy enough to want to meet me. Otherwise, next year, SLG should be doing trhe show again, it will hopefully be more organized, so please come by the table and say hiand I'll be happy to draw a sketch for you.


Hey, you're Evan Dorkin! Okay, I just wanted to be sure that you realize that. But seriously, it's really cool that you would come by my blog and comment and whatnot. Very neato.

I'd be happy to come to that show in April, if possible. And I haven't totally given up on New York Comic Con either. I'll meet you and your comic-biz buddies yet!


I'm a librarian, and I REGISTERED weeks in advance and I couldn't get in either. Since it was the first in New York, I give them one more chance before I tell all the comic loving kiddies at my library to avoid the comic con at all costs. I would have attended the trade-only day the day before but I had to work. Next year, I'll beg harder for the time off! I was really disappointed and it's no way to treat the people who registered ahead of time - all 400 of us - but couldn't get in. I feel your pain. I was hoping to not only enjoy my comic-lovin' self but to beg for stuff to give away at my teen summer reading program. So much for that!

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